Are Christians Sinners: Foreword

Before I continue, I want to make you fully aware of what you are about to read. The content of this book covers the current and common doctrine in churches today about the influence of sin in our lives. I’m sure it is obvious to you by now that I’m getting ready to challenge all these ideas, and in the first chapter, I launch right into my argument. I touch on all the topics that are relevant to this theme while offering an overabundance of scriptural support for every argument. I am about to introduce to you the truth about living in continual sin, living a perfect life, and everything in between that we are deceived into believing is an acceptable and normal Christian lifestyle. As you read this book, you will wake up to the fact that living a sinless life in Christ is not only possible but that it is also an expectation from God for every believer. You will also learn that the taboo idea of perfection in this life is not at all what we think it is, that it is very possible to attain as well, and that it is also an expectation from God for our lives. My forewarning to you is that everything written in this book will deeply challenge many honest and faithful followers of Christ in a good way, but the book does not leave you simply feeling challenged because it also offers encouragement, strength, and an increase in faith on an incredibly deep level as well.

This book was written over many years of my life, and these years produced transitions, trials, tribulations, valleys, mountains, storms, persecutions, growth, and always-abundant blessings from God. God would speak to me about this doctrine whenever He chose to along the journey. Sometimes several months would go by without revelation, and sometimes I received dozens of revelations in a single day, but throughout its compilation over the years, I found that God continued to refine what He taught me further. In other words, the blade of this doctrine never became dull over the years of composing it—like the way a blade becomes dull after battle—but rather it always seemed to grow sharper, like life itself was honing the blade. Every so often, God would drop a new nugget of truth into my lap and the blade would get slightly sharper; my case would become stronger. Whenever other well-meaning believers questioned my doctrine in this area, I found that the truth God had given me would cut into these obstacles and challenges like a knife, and the knife always seemed to be sharper than I expected. I am grateful that it took me so long to finish the book, because with God as my witness, never once in the years of writing it did I reconsider this doctrine or turn and glance back toward my old way of thinking. Also, I never gave up on finishing writing the book, so everything you are reading had been proven and tested by the weather of life’s storms over years and years of writing. God encouraged me to continue up until the very end, and now the final copy is what you are currently reading.

I want to specifically encourage you to remain open-minded and open-eared to anything God speaks to you as you read through these opposing arguments to our current doctrine of sin. All the references that I have come directly from the Bible, mainly from the New King James Version, and you will see that in many of the verses I added my own emphasis in the form of bolded, italicized, and/or underlined text in order to highlight aspects of the verse I want the reader to notice. Since the Bible speaks for itself, I decided at the outset of writing this book not to clutter it with extra biblical opinions from well-known commentators of any kind because they would only subtract from the attention the Bible verses themselves deserve and would distract the readers from the revelations God gave me as He opened my eyes to this doctrine. I did seek and receive consistent feedback from other mature believers as God taught me everything, but to be as transparent as possible, I have much less interest in other men’s interpretations of God’s word than I do in what the Bible itself says about a topic and what the Holy Spirit speaks to me. I realize that what I am presenting is also another interpretation, and therefore, if you would like the best possible guide to understanding this topic other than what I myself or anyone else can offer, then I highly encourage you to stop reading this book, open up your own Bible, and pray that God opens your eyes to understand His word as you read it. Ask Him for an explanation about sin’s power in the Christian life and I promise that you will receive far more wisdom and understanding than I am able to give you in the following pages. However, if you do choose to continue reading, then I hope everything written here encourages, uplifts, and refines your understanding of God and His purpose for your life.

Father God, I pray specifically for the individual who is about to read the book that You helped author. May this brother or sister in Christ find renewed power, love, and identity through a reawakening to Your will for their life. I pray that the individual reading this has a completely open heart to hear Your words to them, Lord. I ask You to open the eyes, ears, mind, and heart of the reader and that nothing can stand in the way of Your message to them. Upon acceptance of Your truth, I pray for a fire to ignite in their spirit that is unquenchable. May You quickly and significantly increase the faith of the reader, and may they walk in Your complete wisdom and fullness for the rest of their lives. You are the Almighty God, and nothing stands in the way of the outpouring of Your Spirit and Your will for Your children. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

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