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Books take a lot of time to read and often life offers us very limited time. You could spend your time reading or watching anything, so why invest your time reading this book in particular?

First of all, this book is the entire reason for my website, hence the name of the website: “”. I spend a ton of time writing essays/studies and other various posts to draw people to this website in order to share the revelations that God has given me; all of this dedicated time is done completely for free. However, if there is one revelation that I wish to share with the body of Christ it is the one contained within this book. It is CRITICAL for Christians to learn and understand this message and I am DEVASTATED that the church has missed the mark in this teaching by such an enormous degree!

I guarantee you that your pastor has never taught this doctrine to your church, and unfortunately pastors have done the church a incredible disservice by failing to understand and teach one of the most simple concepts illustrated in scipture. This doctrine on sin is foundational for a follower of Jesus to mature in the Lord, and by failing to understand the true doctrine of sin you are setting yourself up for regular failure and you will continually fail to produce good fruit for the kingdom.

Failing to produce good fruit is a really big deal. Most Christians underestimate this crucial principle regarding our walk with God. What kinds of trees produce fruit? Are they brand new, baby trees? No. Mature trees produce fruit. And if you have been following Jesus for many years and are still failing to walk in maturity in the Kingdom then you are failing in the calling that God has for you. This has enormous practical implications on your life and current church leadership has utterly failed the body of Christ by not explaining these implications. One of the most important being that the lions (i.e. demons and tribulations of this world) will have free reign to wreck havoc against your life. Yes, this is a very big deal, and I’m sorry to say this but your pastor has likely left you totally inequipped to stand up against these trials.

I literally made nothing writing this book. Actually it costs me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of work to produce and publish the book and I didn’t even come close to earning back the money that was put into its creation. But I didn’t publish this book to make a fortune or any money at all. I published this book because God led me to and I firmly believe that there is a message contained within that He deeply desires for the church to learn.

The book is short. It is less than 50 pages. It really won’t take you that long to read.

So please read it. Print it off and share it with your local Bible study so that everyone can discuss whether the message contained within is true and consider the possibility that freedom from sin is really possible for God’s children. Of course you will decide for yourself whether or not you believe the doctrine presented is accurate, but please do yourself the service of hearing another side to the doctrine of sin that you’ve never heard before, and don’t immediately close your heart off just because this message is not something you are used to yet. If the Holy Spirit gives you the faith to receive this message, then I promise it will change your Christian walk for the rest of your life and your fruit production for the kingdom will greatly increase.

Freely I have received. And freely I give. I just hope that this revelation can have a positive impact on our world.

Be blessed on your journey. Remember that you are washed by the perfect blood of Jesus Christ and that you are now the house of an unstoppable and infinitely powerful force: The Holy Spirit. So the only question is this: do you believe it?


There has only ever been one way to obtain the miraculously transformed life in Christ that we hope for, and that is through our faith in God. Are Christians Sinners will take everything that you thought you understood about sin and your identity in Christ and completely turn it upside down. Prepare to see the path to freedom that is so direct you will wonder why you never learned this before. Prepare to read revelations from God that will astound you and instantly draw you closer to Him. Prepare to truly understand that, through our faith, we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus and that we truly have the power living within us to conquer sin once and for all.

“One of my greatest challenges as Senior Pastor and Church leader was figuring out how to get people to think for themselves. Rather than sitting in the pews dutifully waiting for me to tell them what they should think, I longed for congregations that would dive into God’s word on their own to feast on His word. What you hold in your hands is a meticulous, well thought invitation to take a seat at the banquet table to eat a serving of ‘meat’ that is so large it might test your ability to digest it all in one read. Are Christians Sinners will not tell you what to think, but might challenge everything you do think about sin, your identity, and what God really thinks about you. Warning, this book could be dangerous to anyone who wants to remain a defeated, pitiful victim stuck at the foot of the cross, hoping God doesn’t give them what they feel they deserve.”

Dr. Louis Angone, Founding Pastor of New Community Christian Church, CoFounder and CoChairman of AKD Enterprises

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