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Back page summary: There has only ever been one way to obtain the miraculously transformed life in Christ that we hope for, and that is through our faith in God. Are Christians Sinners will take everything that you thought you understood about sin and your identity in Christ and completely turn it upside down. Prepare... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Sentence Ever Written

  THE GREATEST SENTENCE EVER WRITTEN An essay by Anthony Guida   Among every sentence ever written in all of the history of the earth and within every book, essay, letter, article, or poem, there is only one sentence that evidently can stand out as the best sentence ever written. There has never been anything... Continue Reading →

Should Christians Wear Face Masks?

As all of us determine how best to navigate the new era of covid-19 each of us are being faced with pressures and decisions we have never experienced before. One such pressure has been to cover our faces with masks while out in public or even at home among family and friends. For some this... Continue Reading →

Dual Nature Theology Exposed

Many well-intentioned followers of Christ have a raging battle going on within their spirits that they struggle to make sense of. The sad reality is that this battle is completely unnecessary, and stems from poor theology bred within certain doctrines circulating around the body of Christ. This theology is the root cause of a lot... Continue Reading →

Why do you exist? What is your purpose?

One of my absolute favorite revelations that God has given me is the one you are about to read. God began speaking to me about the importance of recognizing my identity in Him very early on in my Christian walk. Eventually, every person wonders to themselves what their purpose on earth is, or what their calling... Continue Reading →

Ready to walk on water?

Every follower of Jesus has the authority and the power within them to walk on water. Most of us don't experience physically walking on water, but when it comes through the storms and trials we face in life the feeling of sinking and drowning can become all too real. Storms rage, the trials of life... Continue Reading →

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