Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 18

Run to Obtain the Crown For the final chapter of the book, I would like to describe one passage of scripture that has been regularly used to argue against the idea of perfectionism and unpack it. However, another reason I chose this particular scripture to complete the book is because of its remarkable ability to... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 17

Sanctification - How Does This Fit In? During the course of writing this book, I was conversing with a very close brother in Christ about this topic. As we discussed sinlessness and perfection, he requested more information about the component of sanctification and how it fits into everything. Below you will read our discussion. "About... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 16

Our Holy Identity There is unquestionable, biblical proof that all born-again believers are called saints. The word saint is used approximately sixty-one times to describe believers throughout most modern translations of the New Testament, and it is never used to refer to a nonbeliever. But do you know what the word saint means? The Greek... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 15

How to Handle Trials and Challenges In my opinion, one of the best challenges to address this subject is this: “What happens if sinful thoughts run through my head? Jesus did tell us that if you lust in your heart, you commit adultery, or if you hate in your heart, you commit murder.” Amen, He... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 14

The Growth Process and Choices Even though an expectation of God for us is to become mature, produce fruit, and therefore be viewed as perfect in His eyes, I would also like to point out that a growing process does take place in the believer’s life before maturity occurs. I want to exhort you to... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 13

Always Produce Fruit for the Kingdom Never forget that just because there should be a complete absence of sin from our lives does not mean that everyone around us will be instantly release from sin at the same time. We very well may find ourselves surrounded by thorns and tares on all sides, but we... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 12

Good and Evil since the Beginning One important question to ask is this: are being perfect and being sinless the same thing? I think that this is a very interesting question with a very encouraging answer that will help you better grasp what sinlessness and perfection truly are. In order to explain this properly, I... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 11

The Second Position: Perfection? The second position available in Christ about sin in our lives is this: after being born again, we become transformed into a completely new creation, we no longer have a sinful nature, and we will never sin again. Perfection is attainable. Before I begin to launch into my explanation of this... Continue Reading →

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