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Back page summary: There has only ever been one way to obtain the miraculously transformed life in Christ that we hope for, and that is through our faith in God. Are Christians Sinners will take everything that you thought you understood about sin and your identity in Christ and completely turn it upside down. Prepare... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Sentence Ever Written

  THE GREATEST SENTENCE EVER WRITTEN An essay by Anthony Guida   Among every sentence ever written in all of the history of the earth and within every book, essay, letter, article, or poem, there is only one sentence that evidently can stand out as the best sentence ever written. There has never been anything... Continue Reading →

Should Christians Wear Face Masks?

As all of us determine how best to navigate the new era of covid-19 each of us are being faced with pressures and decisions we have never experienced before. One such pressure has been to cover our faces with masks while out in public or even at home among family and friends. For some this... Continue Reading →

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