Any opinions expressed in posts about physical healthcare are solely my opinions based on my own personal research. I highly encourage anyone interested in the information presented in this category to do further research on their own. I am not a professional healthcare provider and I am not giving professional medical advice.

Posts are coming soon! This section is intended to contain posts about the enormous health benefits of various forms of fasting. Fasting is God’s gift to humanity for healing our bodies. I have had trouble finding any illness that fasting does NOT heal… cancer, autism, allergies, addictions, mental illness, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, you name it!

Want to know why the medical system doesn’t recommend that you fast? Because they don’t make money off of healthy people, money is made off of sick people! Hiding true cures for diseases is the M.O. of our modern medical system. This is sad but very true.

Posts about the health benefits of fasting are on their way. Check back periodically.

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