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  • The Greatest Sentence Ever Written – Did you know that there actually exists one sentence that is objectively and scientifically provable to be the greatest sentence ever written? This one revelation took me over a year to write. It is packed with information and is very useful for sharing with non-believers. I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot!
  • Why do you exist? What is your purpose? – This post answers the most basic question human beings wonder. Your reason for existence is simple and profound.
  • The People of God Must Produce Fruit – Part 1 – This study is about fruitfulness for the kingdom and the many scriptures where Jesus describes His followers as trees.
  • The People of God Must Produce Fruit – Part 2 – The second study in the fruitfulness for the kingdom which specifically examines the fig tree that Jesus cursed as he entered Jerusalem. How does this fit in with God’s expectations of His people?
  • The People of God Must Produce Fruit – Part 3 – The third study in the fruitfulness for the kingdom series discusses an amazing section of scripture that ties in perfectly with this topic, which is when Jesus was explaining taxes. This section also explains what fruitfulness for the kingdom should look like in your life to give you the tools needed to properly assess your personal fruit.
  • Ready to walk on water? – This testimony is about how God delivered my son James from the hospital after he was born. We witness God do miracles for us in the hospital that we will never forget.

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