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The articles featured below point to the return of king Jesus to the earth and signs of the times. We eagerly wait and prepare for Christ’s return to the earth and we always WATCH for Him.

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Only 18% of American family households include married parents

Military to begin incorporating gender pronouns

Family wages legal battle with New Hampshire to keep their children after giving them Ivermectin to treat covid

OPINION: Hospitals are now DANGEROUS places to go to. Medical kidnappings, refusing requested treatment options by families, and reporting to Child Protective Services for Christian, conservative parents has become commonplace in hospitals.

Former US army generals urge pentagon to prepare for civil war

Canada: Trudeau orders finance minister to go after charitable tax status of pro-life groups and churches

Satanic Temple in Illinois to install Baby Baphomet statue among capitol holiday display for Christmas week

OPINION: Before you allow this story to deeply upset you, you should take the time to research the true origins of Christmas. Christmas has NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ. It is a pagan festival and always has been a celebration in honor of Lucifer since before the time of Christ. It is EASY to disprove that Jesus Christ was born in the month of December. He was born in the fall when the shepherds would have been in the open fields with their flocks. The Romans were celebrating Saturnalia (to honor Saturn, aka Lucifer) on December 25th… not conducting a census. It is past time for Christians to separate themselves from the world and stop mingling with pagan religious festivals such as Christmas.

Want to know why America is about to collapse and totally deserves to? Just read this.

Chicago Lutheran church holding ‘Drag Queen Prayer Hour’ for children

OPINION: This is the current state of America’s churches people. Martin Luther is rolling over in his grave.

FDA will permanently allow abortion pills to be sent by mail

OPINION: This nation makes me sick. God will bring our entire country down and we fully deserve it.

A new report on America’s religious trends shows very clearly which direction the US is heading

OPINION: Anti-christian religions are greatly on the rise while christianity is declining tremendously. In its entire history, America has never seen such a change in the faith of the culture, especially so quickly. Perhaps these are the days of ‘the great falling away’ before judgment is going to come upon the earth. I personally believe that judgment and destruction are coming to America (and the other morally depraved nations of the world).

Teachers reportedly coached girl into trans identity, then accused the parents of abusing her

OPINION: Get your kids out of the public school system if you care about their spiritual and mental health. Public schools are no longer safe for children. Homeschooling is the best method because even private and charter schools are acting similarly.

TikTok is being used to assist young people in dabbling in the occult

It’s like “The Purge”: murder records are being shattered all over America

Parents have to fight big tech, government, the school system, and the culture altogether to protect their kids from LGBT propaganda

OPINION: Time to disconnect your children from technology and the school system. Private schools are not safe anymore either. Homeschooling, home church, and no TV/devices is the future for christian families and you should begin setting up these practices now. Why are we surprised that we are losing our children to the culture when we send them to public schools to be indoctrinated 8 hours/day? Do you want to save your children? Then TRAIN UP YOUR CHILD in the way of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6). Don’t allow the government and the culture to train up your child for you!

New Zealand Prime Minister says that the population is vaccinated and now orgies can resume

OPINION: Just in time for Saturnalia!

Supreme Court decides that your religion doesn’t matter in regards to vaccines

Hate crimes against Christians explode across Europe. Up 70% in one year.

Insane US leaders are trying to instigate NUCLEAR WAR with Russia

OPINION: Three mighty men of God had visions of terrifying nuclear war occurring in the USA from Russia. All three of these godly men are now deceased. A.A. Allen, Dumitru Duduman, and Henry Gruver.

Earthquakes in the ‘ring of fire’ zone are suddenly roaring to life

OPINION: Earthquakes have been greatly increasing in frequency for the last 20 years.

Signs of the times: Kids now have strokes too.


9 Signs of the decline of the traditional family

OPINION: There is clear evidence within this article that the morality of the people of the USA is greatly declining. There are many who believe that God will not allow judgment to come upon America, but I have to ask this question: why not? If America used to be a righteous, godly nation, it is no longer. The tyranny that is coming upon America (and the world) is the logical consequence for mass departure from godly morals and values.

Witchcraft is being glorified in the media. Check out this feature piece on ‘inside the life of a teenage witch’ by the Washington Post

OPINION: The heavy push for LGBT agendas, occultism/witchcraft, socialism or anarchism, hatred of one another, violence, murder, and drug use has caused the morality of American society to decline tremendously. God must judge America for its sins and we haven’t yet seen the severity of judgment that is coming.

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