Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 9

False Hope Through Dual Nature Theology We incorrectly counsel the body of Christ when we teach that we will always have to struggle with a dual nature. We rightfully assert that the Spirit of God lives in us but err when we teach members of the church to “recognize reality,” which states that because we... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 8

Dual Nature Theology A name that God told me to give to the modern-day theology about sin is this: Dual Nature Theology. Dual nature theology is defined as the belief that we have two natures living within us: a fleshly/human nature and a spiritual/godly nature. Essentially, dual nature theology instills the belief that our fight... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 7

Sins of Commission and Sins of Omission To me, it is a shame that the wealth of scripture plainly resolving our complete freedom from sin is so easily sacrificed for a substandard mentality that has only been justified by a select few misinterpreted scriptures. We have such a poor understanding of God’s idea of freedom... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 4

The End of Romans 7 Ninety-nine percent of the time, believers use three different scriptures to defend their sinfulness post-Christ, so I will explain these three scriptures and show why they do not defend a post-Christ sinful nature in any way. There are maybe a few other verses that have also been used to defend... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 3

Thoughtlessly Ignored Scriptures Now the general position of most Christian churches states that we are all sinners, that we will always have sin within us, and that even after we are born again, we will still continue to live in some kind of sin until Christ returns. This doctrine tends to breed a certain attitude... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 2

The Willful Sinner Now the first positional belief about sin that God showed me is this: we are still sinners, and we will always be sinners until Christ returns, so let’s just continue sinning until Jesus fully frees us from sin in heaven. Paul answers this approach very quickly and simply in Romans 6:1–2 where... Continue Reading →

Are Christians Sinners: Chapter 1

Our Current Understanding of the Christian-Sin Relationship In the life of every follower of Christ, the reconciliation of remaining in sin while we occupy our earthly bodies is a troublesome position to understand. To most of us, the idea of not sinning feels, at best, like an uphill battle, but at our worst points, it... Continue Reading →

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