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Family wages legal battle with New Hampshire to keep their children after giving them Ivermectin to treat covid

OPINION: Hospitals are now DANGEROUS places to go to. Medical kidnappings, refusing requested treatment options by families, and reporting to Child Protective Services for Christian, conservative parents has become commonplace in hospitals.

New California law REQUIRES CA residents/businesses to recycle food waste

Trump’s newest business partner is a Chinese firm with a history of SEC investigations

Trump’s vaccine-pimping rhetoric proves BOTH parties are prostitutes to Big Pharma and corportate bankers

OPINION: Finally, some Independent News outlets are discovering that Trump and the Republican party are traitors right next to the democrats! This should have been figured out by the independents/alt-right outlets over a year ago.

Trump says that China has a better educational system than the USA in Candace Owen interview – go watch the interview to hear. Unfortunately I don’t have a link available.

OPINION: Trump is sold out to China too. Stop being fooled by him.

Did Elon Musk accidentally accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior at Babylon Bee podcast?

CNN Doctor: Biden should go further to restrict the activities of the unvaxxed

Explosion at TX refinery injures 4

OPINION: Interesting timing and location for an explosion… Less oil being refined = costlier gasoline.

Very young people in ICU right now

OPINION: Yep. This is what happens when you use gene therapy shots on young children.

Russian TV warns of turning America into ‘radioactive ash’

Criminalization of prepping is happening in Turkey as the nation’s currency collapses

OPINION: Is this the future of the USA when the dollar collapses?


FDA approves Pfizer covid pill

The WHO Director General just said: “As we see, some countries are using boosters to kill children, which is not right.”

Danish politician given jail time for attempting to stop child sex trafficking in the country

Transgender complains about being ‘misgendered’ by nurse while giving birth

OPINION: This is the unfortunate state of mind of our nation

Kyle Rittenhouse suggests that lawsuits are imminent against the media for destroying his reputation

Durham is investigating Hillary Clinton

OPINION: This is going to go nowhere. These stories are designed to feed false hope into the population so that we “trust the plan” as the United States completes its descent into tyranny.

Microchips could be used to track your covid vaccine status

OPINION: Now this is really beginning to feel like the mark of the beast

Austria hiring people to hunt down vaccine refusers

Troops to help in hospitals, distribute covid tests

OPINION: The government is getting Americans accustomed to seeing troops everywhere in daily life. This is the military state dictatorship slow-rollout happening.

US Army develops vaccine to treat all covid variants

Boston mayor prepares vaccine mandates amid pushback from the city

…Video of Boston mayor making announcement

Absurd new covid rule in Whales fines people for going to work, but they can legally spend the day in the pub

US Hospitals are facing financial ruin as nursing staff quit in mass

While the rest of the world sees covid continue, cases in Japan keep plummeting and no one knows why

OPINION: Well, perhaps the mainstream news doesn’t know why, but other news has already reported that this is because Japan has incorporated Ivermectin into covid treatment on a mass scale. Go to the link here for more info.

Global health coalition calls for a ‘Cease and Desist’ of covid shot distribution

Depopuation in action: US population growth dips to lowest rate in nation’s history

NATO mulls sending more troops to Romania, Bulgaria

Americans traveling to Ukraine are being warned about the potential of Russian invasion

RUMOR: Russia turns off natural gas to Europe

MOSCOW TIMES: US Mercenaries preparing Donbass ‘Provocation’

This picture says it all! US Airforce focused on wokeness while Russia and China threaten the country

IMF, World Bank & 10 countries hold alarming “simulation” of global financial system collapse

OPINION: Look up Event 201 which was a “simulation” of a coronavirus pandemic shutting down the world in fall, 2019.


Chinese Communist Party paid a DC radio station $4.4 Million to broadcast propaganda

OPINION: Is it any wonder that DC is so radically leftist?

Polis (Colorado) and Hochul (New York) agree that adding a booster shot means that you are fully vaccinated

OPINION: These clowns think they get to make sweeping health decisions for the entire state but the best form of protest is resistance to the mandates. Resistance DOES work, so keep fighting by not complying.

Chicago to now require vaccine passports at bars, restaurants, theaters, gyms, etc.

NHL shuts down for a few days over Omicron fears

OPINION: Even though the symptoms of Omicron variant are being reported as ‘mild’, these relatively young, healthy men seem to need the NHL to be locked down…?

CNN shutting down offices over covid hype

Shocking court cases show that hospitals would prefer that you die rather than take Ivermectin and live

Dr. Kaufman reveals that there is no proof that Omicron even exists. It is all fake computer modeling

Fox News requires vaccines to work there now

OPINION: Fox News is a traitorous organization. They cannot be trusted just like OANN and Newsmax. I am highly suspicious of InfoWars as well.

Trump doubles down on death

Biden tells those who are vaccinated to avoid the unvaccinated during the holidays

OPINION: The great division of the United States of America continues. Remember the words of Jesus: “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.” There you go – you now know the future of the USA. This nation is going down.

BEE: Whew! Local man doesn’t have real covid, just Omicron!

OXFORD STUDY: 1 in 100 (i.e. 1%) of covid vaccinated individuals ended up in the hospital or DIED due to heart arrhythmia problems.

HIV vaccine now available for those ‘at risk’

OPINION: Those at highest risk for HIV contraction in the United States are primarily gay and bisexual men and women who have multiple sexual partners. Make no mistake, this vaccine is a ‘party shot’ along with all other PREP treatments so that these people can engage is risk-free sex.

FDA to authorize Merck and Pfizer covid pills soon

Indefinite covid prison camps for the unvaccinated proposed in NY state legislation

Former US army generals urge pentagon to prepare for civil war

If NATO rebuffs Russian security proposals, Kremlin will deploy advanced weapons to Ukraine border

NATO rejects Russia’s demands preventing Ukraine’s membership into the treaty

OPINION: Cold War II is now very likely to begin

Putin ready to use force against NATO

OPINION: Most mainstream articles (such as the one linked above) make Russia to look like the aggressor, but there are many stories indicating that the USA and NATO are the aggressors against Russia and are trying to provoke a war.

‘Accident’ involving US military convoy in Bavaria kills 8

Another ‘accident’…? Russia stealth warship meant to carry hypersonic missiles goes up in flames

OPINION: The war has already begun and we are seeing it play out, and subsequently be covered up by mainstream news, in front of our eyes.

Pet food shortages

McDonald’s french fries shortages

Food inflation continues

This is the biggest reason for the housing market spike in 2021. Pension funds are buying up all the houses.

OPINION: The corporate bankers and the Fed are buying up all of the assets they can get their filthy hands on in the United States because they know the dollar is going to be worthless soon.

6.2 Mag earthquake on California west coast

OPINION: The location of this quake is what matters. For those who are unaware the Cascadia subduction zone houses 20 of the most active volcanoes on earth. If you are concerned about Yellowstone then you are not looking at the worst spot in the USA. Yellowstone is minor compared to Cascadia. Cascadia is BY FAR the worst.

Cloth masks are nothing more than ‘Facial Decorations’ says CNN medical analyst

OPINION: Surgical masks are also useless. If you really want some level of protection from covid, then just avoid sick people. This is the most effective way to stay healthy. For those who are severely immunocompromised and feel that extra precautions are necessary when going out, buy for yourself some N95 masks and make sure they are tightly fit to your entire face, otherwise they are useless too! Just know that you are inhibiting oxygen intake by wearing a mask, which has a negative effect on your immune system. As for me and my family, we trust the Lord to keep us safe and healthy, not a mask. Read this article for more information: Should Christians Wear Face Masks?


Canada: Trudeau orders finance minister to go after charitable tax status of pro-life groups and churches

Chinese cities are repossessing Evergrande properties after giant debtor fails to pay its debts

Parents demand answers after LEAKED training audio exposes California Middle Teachers conspiring to hide LGBTQ indoctrination tactics from students’ parents

OPINION: Get your children out of the public school system right away. Charter schools and private schools are unsafe as well. Homeschool communities and co-ops are the safest way to protect your children from indoctrination.

Woke pastor holds ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for kids in his church

OPINION: Many churches are unsafe for families as well. Be very, very cautious about where you congregate. My recommendation: home churches!

Much of Kansas is being wiped out by wildfires

OPINION: Many of the ‘wildfires’ happening lately are actually arson that is being committed against the American people by the deep state

Satanic Temple in Illinois to install Baby Baphomet statue among capitol holiday display for Christmas week

OPINION: Before you allow this story to deeply upset you, you should take the time to research the true origins of Christmas. Christmas has NOTHING to do with Jesus Christ. It is a pagan festival and always has been a celebration in honor of Lucifer since before the time of Christ. It is EASY to disprove that Jesus Christ was born in the month of December. He was born in the fall when the shepherds would have been in the open fields with their flocks. The Romans were celebrating Saturnalia (to honor Saturn, aka Lucifer) on December 25th… not conducting a census. It is past time for Christians to separate themselves from the world and stop mingling with pagan religious festivals such as Christmas.

Moscow ready to respond if NATO ignores concerns

Stocks slide 500 points over Omicron lockdown fears

There is no indication that Omicron is variant causes more severe illness. Those infected are LESS LIKELY to be hospitalized – reports ex-FDA commissioner

Fauci says don’t have family over for Christmas unless they are vaccinated

OPINION: The contentious dividing of America is still operating in full throttle. If you wonder why you aren’t getting along with your family over the last few years it is highly probable that it has to do with the active push to divide American citizens by the deep state.

Triple-vaccinated Jim Cramer has covid

16,000 physicians worldwide agree that covid shots cause irrreversible and permanent damage to children

Key evidence in Ghislaine Maxwell trial goes MISSING from safe that was monitored by the FBI

OPINION: Yep… I’m sure this is all an accident… as usual. The FBI are likely ‘accidentally’ working for Epstein/Maxwell too.

Europe certifies crickets, worms, grasshoppers as edible food amid soaring food prices

OSHA vaccine mandates goes to the Supreme Court

OPINION: In our currently stacked Supreme Court, with 8/9 (or even 9/9) justices serving the deep state, this decision which certainly support the vaccine mandates and is going to be the downfall of the United States. The timing during Omicron is perfectly planned.

California’s snow drought ends with an entire winter’s worth of snow blanketing the state in only 2 weeks

OPINION: Remember this when they say that there is a massive drought in California again summer of ’22.

California votes to drop 3,000 pounds of poison from helicopters to kill mice

OPINION: Leave it to California to do something this insane

Typhoon ravages the Phillippines killing at least 169 people


Permanent border wall construction to begin soon.

OPINION: Proof that Donald Trump never completed the wall. Actually he didn’t even get close and only built about 80 miles of brand new wall while replacing some of the old fencing in other areas. This entire wall construction ordeal in TX is likely another publicity stunt because Gov Abbott is up for reelection in 2022.

Why are streetlights becoming purple/black lights?

Underage girls in Illinois can now get abortions without telling their parents

MSNB Host: ‘I believe with every bone in my body Trump is going to be indicted’

OPINION: I agree, but not with every bone in my body. Trump is very likely going to jail. The political soap opera must go on!

22 reasons America has transformed into a communist country

America is erasing herself

White house may redirect military equipment to Ukraine

OPINION: On this note I have received intel that the army has deployed one or more battalions to eastern Europe already.

No vax, no food at a Catholic food pantry in Washington state

NY Governor planning on adding a booster in order to be counted as ‘Fully Vaxxed’

Another sports professional dies in his prime

OPINION: From the vaccine? Yes, very likely.

There is no evidence covid is transmitted by asymptomatic people

OPINION: This is where the idea of using face masks originated… asymptomatic transmission. A clinically infected individual is someone who is contagious. Asymptomatic transmission does not exist. Instead of face masks they should have told the public: if you are sick please stay home. That would have been completely sufficient rather than the social distancing, lockdowns, working from home, quarantining, and ridiculous face mask requirements.

White house to the unvaxxed: ‘You’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death’

OPINION: These people are liars. Don’t believe anything they say. You are by far safer not taking the shot than getting it. The shot is more likely to land you in the hospital than keep you out of it.


Trump booed for saying he wouldn’t investigate Hunter Biden

OPINION: Same thing he did with Hillary Clinton after winning the 2016 election. He said, “The people of the USA owe a debt of gratitude to the Clinton family” during his victory speech.

Anti-vaxx leader Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hosts a holiday party at California home and orders guests to either be vaccinated or tested prior to entry… then blames his wife.

OPINION: This is strike #1 against RFK Jr. I always wait for “2-3 witnesses” before I determine that someone is untrustworthy. That said, we all need to wake up to the fact that we are surrounded by traitors everywhere. Almost all of the big name celebrities, activists, and politicians are sold out, so this story doesn’t surprise me.

‘Viral Blizzard’ about to hit the US?

Canada passes a law that could cause pro-life activists to be jailed for 10 years

OPINION: Coming soon to the USA.

Want to know why America is about to collapse and deserves to? Just read this.

NYC votes to ban natural gas in new buildings

Several people ARRESTED at a NYC Cheesecake Factory for REFUSING TO SHOW COPS VACCINE STATUS

OPINION: The cops will follow orders. Count on it. If it can happen in NYC or California then it will happen in your community too.

One day later a man gets arrested at Applebees in NYC for refusing to show covid papers!

Mike Lindell vows to spend ‘whatever it takes’ to prove Trump won in 2020

OPINION: Mike Lindell has been making lots of promises and totally failing to deliver. His Cyber Symposium of 2021 turned out to be a nothing event, where he continually stated that he would reveal ’37 Terabytes’ worth of data proving Trump won in 2020 but then never had any hard evidence to deliver on his promise. It was later revealed that the data he did manage to collect was all corrupted – meaning it was useless. He also had Alan Dershowitz on his legal team and on the panel at the Cyber Symposium, and Dershowitz is a questionable character to say the least. For example, Dershowitz has represented people such as Jeffrey Epstein and O.J. Simpson in court and was reportedly a good friend of Jeff Epstein. In summary – be careful trusting Mike Lindell. Personally, I wouldn’t trust Mike Lindell as far as I could throw him.

Warning from CDC not to get the J&J shot, says to get Pfizer or Moderna instead

Oops… Moderna shot being found to have heart risks too

OPINION: They are saying that the risks are “rare” but the truth is that they are becoming so common that the problem cannot be brushed under the rug any longer.

Run for the hills – NYC prepared to become the epicenter of ANOTHER covid outbreak

OPINION: Funny how the covid virus seems to focus so heavily on NYC and California

Nothing to see here: 33-year-old found dead within 2 days of receiving the Pfizer booster

The new normal: dying in your sleep

Here is a 1 min video showing how well the covid shot is working

Refugees are DENIED Covid shots because the manufacturers are concerned about harmful side effects from the vaccines

OPINION: Yep. This story is for real.

The vaccinated are filling up hospitals all over the world. They are the ones that need to quarantine this winter.

Ukraine soldier is killed by ‘Russian separatist’ mortar fire as Putin demands NATO stay out of Eastern Europe amid warnings of invasion

OPINION: Tensions are boiling. Most news sources propagate that Russia is the aggressor while NATO is the mighty defender. Subtle wording such as in the headline above immediately covey a sense of blame towards Russia.

Turkey’s economy is beginning to collapse because their currency is hyperinflating

Chicago Lutheran church holding ‘Drag Queen Prayer Hour’ for children

OPINION: This is the current state of America’s churches people. Martin Luther is rolling over in his grave.


FDA will permanently allow abortion pills to be sent by mail

OPINION: This nation makes me sick. God will bring our entire country down and we fully deserve it.

DOJ asks Supreme Court to reinstate federal vaccine mandate nationwide

Will blacks survive the racial reckoning?

Salvation Army faces massive holiday shortages after telling white donors to ‘face their racism’

OPINION: Do not support or donate to the Salvation Army for any reason. This corrupt, turncoat organization showed its true colors and does not deserve support ever again. It is time for the Salvation Army to go away permanently, or perhaps they can beg George Soros to keep them afloat.

Creditors sue Evergrande for $13 Billion for defaulting on payments

A study out of Columbian University says Omicron is resistant to the vaccine

Omicron is no worse than the flu, says a covid expert

CEO’s of Southwest and American Airlines question need for masks on planes

OPINION: Masks never worked in the first place. Mask mandates were only about one thing: control of the people. The airlines knew they didn’t work all along.

CDC backs Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines over Johnson & Johnson

Young, professional athletes have suffered 318 cardiac arrests and serious issues after covid shots. 178 are now dead.

OPINION: This is the most publicly obvious effect of the covid vaccine that the world can witness. The rise in young athletes suffering cardiac arrest skyrocketed compared to previous years where studies were conducted.

Oklahoma high school football player suffers a heart attack on the field

Columbia study: True USA covid vaccine death count is nearly 400,000 and millions of other adverse events

90% of covid deaths since August are those who have been fully vaccinated

Navy to begin discharging sailors over vaccine policy

OPINION: We’ll wait and see if they actually do it. They still don’t have the legal authority because no one can be forced to take experimental medical treatment, even in the military, which is exactly what all of the covid vaccines are. Though they might discharge them and break the law.

Army looking to discharge soldiers too…

Thousands of CHILDREN in Australia hit with $1000-$5000 covid-19 fines for breaching ‘covid regulations’

OPINION: The CHILDREN were participating in activities such as unlawful gatherings outdoors, not wearing masks, and not being vaccinated.

BEE: Just in time: Pfizer introduces miracle vaccine for myocarditis because of the extremely rare spike in myocarditis cases in the USA

Bay area car owners are leaving trunks open so that their windows don’t get smashed

Tehran Times reveals Iran’s targets in Israel: ‘One Wrong Move’

Putin and Xi show a united front amid rising US tensions

Ukraine opens bomb shelters

WWIII has already begun in cyberspace

Belarus banks are ready for a SWIFT banking system shutdown

OPINION: This has to do with the growing confrontation with Russia. Economic ties are being severed.

US pushes EU to ready Russia sanctions on energy and banks

FED sees 3 rate hikes in 2022

Dictator Dan Andrews is accused of concealing an overt act of treason against Australians

Teachers reportedly coached girl into trans identity, then accused the parents of abusing her

OPINION: Get your kids out of the public school system if you care about their spiritual and mental health. Public schools are no longer safe for children. Homeschooling is the best method because even private and charter schools are acting similarly.

Here is why people no longer trust science

OPINION: The idol of science in western culture was doomed to fall eventually. Any idol that stands against the Lord must come down and we are now witnessing its collapse in front of our eyes. Prepare for occultism and witchcraft to become more credible than science.

A new report on America’s religious trends shows very clearly which direction the US is heading

OPINION: Anti-christian religions are greatly on the rise while christianity is declining tremendously. In its entire history, America has never seen such a change in the faith of the culture, especially so quickly. Perhaps these are the days of ‘the great falling away’ before judgment is going to come upon the earth. I personally believe that judgment and destruction are coming to America (and the other morally depraved nations of the world).

A chemtrail pilot comes forward about what planes are spraying in the air

OPINION: For the best information on this subject, visit and watch the documentary.

Meet the team of ex-military officers working with Michael Flynn

OPINION: General Michael Flynn is completely untrustworthy and by extension now so is this entire ‘team’ of ex-military officers working with him. DO NOT TRUST FLYNN. For more information watch the video here.


Twitter to punish users who correctly claim that vaccinated individuals can still spread covid

JFK Assassination files are RELEASED. Russia getting the blame!

OPINION: Public opinion is being massively manipulated against Russia right now. Prepare for WWIII. All the signs are there that war with Russia is being setup.

House passes $2.5 Trillion debt ceiling limit increase

One quarter of NY counties refuse to enforce mask mandates issued by NY Governor Hochul

Resistance is working. Amtrak suspends vaccine mandate because employees won’t do it

China indicating it might let Evergrande collapse and bring down entire global financial system

More Evergrande updates…

OPINION: I’m not convinced they’ll just let it crash, but it is possible. Two other major Chinese developers are also defaulting. Shares and bonds are beginning to be affected by Evergrande already. If China does not step in, then we will see a major economic crash take place very soon.

63,000 hit with outages as Amazon web services goes down

Another pro soccer player experiences severe chest pain during game

OPINION: Many professional athletes have dropped dead in 2021 from heart complications – far more than what would typically happen in any other year. Highly likely caused by the covid shot.

Dr. Paul Thomas, author of The Vaccine Friendly Plan, is being targeted by the medical establishment because he is a dissident to vaccine propaganda

TikTok is being used to assist young people in dabbling into witchcraft and the occult

Pastor Paul Blair, a proponent of keeping Christians in politics, calls for a ‘Peaceful Divorce’ from D.C. for 28 conservative states

OPINION: This will never happen. It is nice to hope that something like this could happen to avoid civil war, but it will never happen while the current ruling class are in charge. It is my opinion that Christians need to leave politics at this time until the Lord deals with the deep corruption in our nation.

Transgender swimmer boasts about beating females: ‘So easy I was cruising’

It is now estimated that 388,000 Americans have been killed by the covid vaccines

Make-a-Wish Foundation denies 4 year olds dying wish because he is unvaccinated (and ineligible for vaccination)

OPINION: Stop donating to organizations like these. Most of them are corrupt anyways. My recommendation for most believers is to get into a home church family and donate to your brothers and sisters in Christ who are in need.

Brazilian city cut covid hospitalizations and mortality in half by offering Ivermectin to everyone

A Virginia hospital backs down and permits a covid patient to receive Ivermectin treatment after the court imposed $10,000/day fines for not following the family’s desires as they should be

OPINION: Medical kidnapping and killing of patients in hospitals is common practice today. Avoid going to the hospital for covid as long as possible. FYI, Ivermectin can be purchased at ‘Big R’.

US Doctors are being threatened with disciplinary action from the medical establishment for questioning covid narrative

Illegal: Google employees are told they must comply with corporate vaccine requirements if they want to keep their jobs

OPINION: No corporation can force an individual into any medical treatment and especially an experimental treatment such as the EUA (emergency use authorized) covid vaccines. There is currently no FDA-approved covid vaccine, depsite what the media has led the public to believe about Pfizer covid shot. However, these corporate giants don’t care about what is legal or illegal anymore and they will just do whatever they want. We do not live in a lawful, just society and so insane directives and clear lawbreaking by big corporations is becoming common.

RUMOR: Banks getting ready for massive overhaul due to ‘Basel-3’ regulations starting up Jan 1, 2022

OPINION: The information presented is rumor only and likely nothing noticeable will happen unless there is an economic crash from Evergrande or cyberattacks in the next 6 weeks. In that case, all bets are off and the banks will do whatever they want.


It’s like “The Purge”: murder records are being shattered all over America

Looters steal $2 million worth of watches in Chicago

OPINION: as the moral decline of our society continues, stories like these will become more common.

KRONOS a large data corporation, just got hit with a ransomware attack and could have a several week outage

OPINION: Kronos is another name for Saturn and we are entering into the Saturnalia (i.e. Christmas) season. This attack is not coincidence to have occurred now. In fact, it is perfectly timed for the season and the name of the company suffering the data breach is also not coincidental. Many people may not receive paychecks over the next several weeks because Kronos manages HR data for so many corporations. Many of these people are city workers such as police officers, firefighters, healthcare workers, bankers, and other government officials.

Twitter will now ban users that repeatedly claim vaccinated people can spread covid

OPINION: Even though the mainstream news and health officials have been saying this for months.

California to reimplement statewide mask mandate

BEE: California reimplements mask mandate to flatten the horizontal line

Supreme Court decides that your religion doesn’t matter in regards to vaccines

Nurse testifies that hospitals are full of vaccinated patients suffering from adverse reactions

Numerous infant and child deaths after covid shot are being reported

OPINION: The slaughter of the innocents has moved beyond abortion and into young children. The genocide is happening right now but most of us don’t know it because it is being censored by mainstream news.

Kroger to cut covid benefits for unvaccinated and add monthly health-care surcharge

Hong Kong forcing US and UK arrivals into quarantine camps after single asymptomatic Omicron case

OPINION: This is not about protection. It is about control.

New Zealand Prime Minister says that the population is vaccinated and now orgies can resume

OPINION: Just in time for Saturnalia!

Russia warns of nuclear missile deployment in Europe over Ukraine confrontations

Germany blocks Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia and gas prices spike

OPINION: This decision is highly likely tied into the developing Ukraine-Russia situation.

Balkans flare up as Bosnian-Serbians vote to secede. Allegedly the EU will send the army within 24 hours

Reports surface on companies holding near-worthless Evergrande bonds

A ban on gasoline generators just passed in California

Parents have to fight big tech, government, the school system, and the culture altogether to protect their kids from LGBT propaganda

OPINION: Time to disconnect your children from technology and the school system. Private schools are not safe anymore either. Homeschooling, home church, and no TV/devices is the future for christian families and you should begin setting up these practices now. Why are we surprised that we are losing our children to the culture when we send them to public schools to be indoctrinated 8 hours/day? Do you want to save your children? Then TRAIN UP YOUR CHILD in the way of the Lord (Proverbs 22:6). Don’t allow the government and the culture to train up your child for you!


California considers massive incentive rollbacks and new fees for homeowners who installed Solar Panels on their roofs

OPINION: Expect to see more empty promises and subsidy backstabbing in the future.

NATO sending militants to Ukraine

Russia may be forced to deploy nuclear missiles in Europe if NATO refuses dialogue

G7 warns Russia of “massive consequences” if Ukraine is invaded

OPINION: War with Russia is looking increasingly likely. NATO is deliberately antagonizing Russia by sending troops to Ukraine and then telling Russia not to enter Ukraine. Russia is being put in a position where they must prevent the troop buildups in order to defend their own people. This is a very precarious situation, but my belief is that Russia is being provoked into conflict.

Hate crimes against Christians explode across Europe. Up 70% in one year.

Federal judge rejects DOD claim that Pfizer and Comirnaty vaccines are interchangeable

OPINION: This is another major victory for servicemen & women who are opting out of the shot. By law, no one can be forced to take an experimental treatment, even people in the military. The Pfizer vaccine was NEVER FDA-approved. This was a lie told to the public in order to deceive more people into getting the shot. The FDA actually approved a vaccine called ‘Comirnaty’ which is unavailable to the public.

FDA Documents reveal 160,000 adverse events in the initial months of Pfizer rollout

Philadelphia vaccine mandate for indoor dining begins Jan 3rd

Dad who ‘felt cold’ died after reaction to covid shot

Baby of fully vaccinated mom dies after born bleeding from nose and mouth

OPINION: We are getting back-and-forth news about covid shot mandates and people getting injured from the vaccine in order to deliberately de-stabilize the people of the United States. This is what it looks like when unconventional war is being waged against a nation and that is exactly why the people of the USA are experiencing such heavy societal turmoil right now. We are under attack, and most of our politicians are allied with those attacking the citizens of the USA.

Earthquakes in the ‘ring of fire’ zone are suddenly roaring to life

OPINION: Earthquakes have been greatly increasing in frequency for the last 20 years.

Another study finds that natural immunity protects better against covid than pfizer vax

Rand Paul: Vaccine zealots won’t be happy until they get your newborn

30 million people right now are ready to take up arms for Trump

OPINION: Do not be one of these people. Our Savior is Jesus Christ, not a political figurehead such as Trump. It is my opinion that Trump is a part of the deep state just like the democrats are.

Monster tornado rips through 277 miles of Kentucky, leaving up to 100 people dead

Australia Prime Minister refers to the Aussie people as SHEEP that need to go to “the run”

OPINION: The Australia PM literally just referenced slaughtering Australians like it was a joke. He mentions them going through a gate to the run, which is the kill run where sheep go to get their throats slit.

Canada: Officials HUNG in effigy over covid tyranny


USA might extradite Assange

NYC Council gives voting rights to 800K non-citizens.

OPINION: Voting in this nation has been rigged for decades. There hasn’t been a fair election in many years.

Highest inflation recorded in nearly 40 years at 6.7%

OPINION: If pre-1980 inflation methodology is used then the actual inflation rate is as high as 15%.

Another covid lab leak out of Taiwan??

12 major US cities hit all-time homocide records

OPINION: We are witnessing the rapid moral decline of American society on a mass scale.

Renowned virologist and top-level vaccine manufacturer issues major warning against COVID vaccines. “Vaccinating children: ‘an absolute no go!’”

Tractor trailer filled with Mexican migrants heading to US crashes killing 54 people

Covid is not a dangerous disease for children. Germany and Sweden reported ZERO covid deaths for kids.

OPINION: The jab will change this and we will start to see many more child deaths.

Demarius Thomas is dead at age 33. Rumored cause is medical complications.

OPINION: Many professional athletes have been dropping dead randomly in 2021 due to heart complications. This can be directly attributed to the covid jab. Demarius Thomas could have died from the same thing.

Registered nurse suffers pericarditis from Pfizer shot.

We already have a communist government in charge.

OPINION: And the RINO traitors did nothing to stop it.

BEE: To save time, Ghislaine Maxwell just lists the Hollywood Celebs and Politicians who didn’t visit Epstein Island.

OPINION: Humor piece but more true than not.

Spike Protein created by covid vaccines is linked to slower DNA repair, weakened immune system, and cancer in a major Swedish study.

Illinois proposing a new bill to strip the unvaccinated from health insurance benefits if they get sick and force them to pay out of pocket

OPINION: Better to avoid hospitals if you get covid anyways. Medical kidnapping and killings at hospitals is being widely reported. Hospitals are prescribing Remdesivir to covid patients and it is killing them.

Supreme Court backs abortion providers in Texas ban.

OPINION: Do you see how Kavanaugh and Barrett have leaned liberal so often? These hand-picked Trump nominees were deliberately set up to betray the nation just like Trump himself was.

Signs of the times: Kids have strokes too.




OPINION: It is not possible to rise to the rank of General in the United States of America without pledging full allegiance to the occult/lucifer. General Flynn has been deliberately implanted within the patriot movement in order to set it up for failure/destruction in the coming days. It is easy for the deep state to create a victim out of anybody they choose in order to elicit the trust of the people and this is exactly the case with General Flynn. The information presented by TruNews proves General Flynn is undercover deep state beyond a shadow of a doubt. DO NOT TRUST HIM.

80 House Republicans help pass bill to fund federal vaccine database to be used for vaccine enforcement

OPINION: 100% of congressional officials are corrupt: this includes both republicans and democrats. What we witness in politics today is nothing but political theater intended to lead the masses into believing that something is being done behind the scenes to fight for our rights when the exact opposite is true. The democrats push immense change while the republicans pretend to fight back while actually doing nothing.

OANN and Newsmax back far-left pick for FCC commissioner who wants more censorship

OPINION: OANN and Newsmax are tools of the deep state, just like other mainstream media news sources such as CNN, BBC, CBS, Fox News, etc, etc. They are all controlled by the same leadership.

9 Signs of the decline of the traditional family

OPINION: There is clear evidence within this article that the morality of the people of the USA is greatly declining. There are many who believe that God will not allow judgment to come upon America, but I have to ask this question: why not? If America used to be a righteous, godly nation, it is no longer. The tyranny that is coming upon America (and the world) is the logical consequence for mass departure from godly morals and values.

VAERS COVID data show surge in reports of serious injuries of 5-year-olds as they get the jab

Property giant EVERGRANDE is defaulting on enormous debt

OPINION: If China decides to nationalize this corporation then it will easen the effects on the economy. If China does not step in to payoff Evergrande’s debts then we will likely see worldwide economic collapse magnitudes worse than Lehman Brothers.

A second major Chinese real estate developer is now facing default

New Zealand to ban cigarettes

300,000 people facing heart problems due to “post-pandemic stress disorder”

OPINION: Heart problems are a known consequence of the covid gene-therapy shots. We are witnessing the effects of mass-vaccination.

FDA authorizes Pfizer booster shots for 16 and 17 year olds

Definition of “fully vaccinated” is going to change

Russia sends warning to USA and NATO provocations

Cargo theft is soaring because shipping container ships are idle off of docks

Pilot deaths are up 1700% after vax mandate

Pfizer wants you to take 4 shots now

OPINION: The booster shots will never end. You’ll be told you need 2-3 per year in order to stay compliant with the mandates. If you do not wish to participate in these never-ending vaccines then you should make preparations to resist the mandates now.

George Soros is funding ‘Abolish Police’ activist networks

Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS) is coming

OPINION: All vaccines lower the immune system of the body, but the new covid vaccines will do it at an accelerated rate. In the ‘Opinion’ and ‘Health’ tab of my website there is a document with almost 200 studies pointing to the ill-effects of vaccines.

China vows to open fire on US troops if they come to Taiwan’s aid

OPINION: Proof that the Chinese invasion of Taiwan is coming soon.

Insane US leaders are trying to instigate NUCLEAR WAR with Russia

OPINION: Three mighty men of God had visions of terrifying nuclear war occurring in the USA from Russia. All three of these godly men are now deceased. A.A. Allen, Dumitru Duduman, and Henry Gruver.

Jesse Smollet is found guilty on 5/6 criminal counts against him

OPINION: For a couple of laughs about this story check out the Babylon Bee links here and here.

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