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In the stories listed below you will find any noteworthy news that I gather. Sometimes my opinion is included below the headline/link to the article. I generally keep two days of news on this page. For anything older visit the archives.

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People are getting tired of breaches of their privacy: 1/4 of Alexa users are abandoning their spying devices


A great summary of Agenda 21 in 5 minutes

This CVS worker feels DISQUALIFIED AS A PHARMACIST because he cannot give informed consent and adequate information about the covid vaccine to a customer who requests it on camera.

Only 18% of American family households include married parents

ACLU attacks Elf on the Shelf, says holiday toy is not healthy

OPINION: Stories like this are generated deliberately as a TRICK because the truth is that elf on the shelf is not healthy. It is spun in a way that the ACLU is targeting the elf because most Christians already hate the ACLU, therefore anything that the ACLU is against, Christians will be for. Do you see how they play with our minds?

NY Supreme Court sides with Project Veritas after owner was arrested a couple months ago

Pretty funny: Dad on phone call to Biden says “Let’s go Brandon” and Biden responds with “Let’s go Brandon! I agree!”

The military is officially purging Christians from its ranks

OPINION: Believers are running out of time to prepare for the persecution that is coming upon them. Get ready now. “A wise man forsees evil and hides himself, but the foolish continue on and suffer punishment.” (Proverbs 22:3)

Poor oral health linked to diseases of all kinds

OPINION: Don’t believe stories like this. Instead focus on the truth: It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth that is what defiles a man.

Putin vows to protect Russia from the west’s ‘Gender Obscurantism’ by declaring: ‘A woman is a woman and a man is a man.’

OPINION: Whose side do you think God will be on in a war between the west and Russia? The country promoting gender confusion or the country protecting its people from transgenderism?

Trump abandons his base by pushing covid vax

OPINION: He also abandoned the Jan 6th protesters too, but very few patriots noticed. Hopefully they notice this time.

Military to begin incorporating gender pronouns

More than 3,000 flights canceled and airlines blame staffing shortages from covid

The new normal: weird lootings and robberies continue to take place in CA. This one a woman went into a store armed with a pickaxe and stole a basket worth of items.

Boris Johnson: Getting the booster follows ‘teachings of Jesus Christ’

OPINION: Haha. Nope!

BEE: Alarming new study proves that everyone who contracts covid will die at some point


Family wages legal battle with New Hampshire to keep their children after giving them Ivermectin to treat covid

OPINION: Hospitals are now DANGEROUS places to go to. Medical kidnappings, refusing requested treatment options by families, and reporting to Child Protective Services for Christian, conservative parents has become commonplace in hospitals.

New California law REQUIRES CA residents/businesses to recycle food waste

Trump’s newest business partner is a Chinese firm with a history of SEC investigations

Trump’s vaccine-pimping rhetoric proves BOTH parties are prostitutes to Big Pharma and corportate bankers

OPINION: Finally, some Independent News outlets are discovering that Trump and the Republican party are traitors right next to the democrats! This should have been figured out by the independents/alt-right outlets over a year ago.

Trump says that China has a better educational system than the USA in Candace Owen interview – go watch the interview to hear. Unfortunately I don’t have a link available.

OPINION: Trump is sold out to China too. Stop being fooled by him.

Did Elon Musk accidentally accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior at Babylon Bee podcast?

CNN Doctor: Biden should go further to restrict the activities of the unvaxxed

Explosion at TX refinery injures 4

OPINION: Interesting timing and location for an explosion… Less oil being refined = costlier gasoline.

Very young people in ICU right now

OPINION: Yep. This is what happens when you use gene therapy shots on young children.

Russian TV warns of turning America into ‘radioactive ash’

Criminalization of prepping is happening in Turkey as the nation’s currency collapses

OPINION: Is this the future of the USA when the dollar collapses?

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