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This section contains links to highly relevant and important news for christians to be aware of within the last several months. Sometimes my opinions are included below the headline/link.

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Should Christians Wear Face Masks? – A biblical perspective on a very controversial issue.


OPINION: It is not possible to rise to the rank of General in the United States of America without pledging full allegiance to the occult/lucifer. General Flynn has been deliberately implanted within the patriot movement in order to set it up for failure/destruction in the coming days. It is easy for the deep state to create a victim out of anybody they choose in order to elicit the trust of the people and this is exactly the case with General Flynn. The information presented by TruNews proves General Flynn is undercover deep state beyond a shadow of a doubt. DO NOT TRUST HIM.

Will blacks survive the racial reckoning?

A great summary of Agenda 21 in 5 min

Trump’s newest business partner is a Chinese firm with a history of SEC investigations

Trump’s vaccine-pimping rhetoric proves BOTH parties are prostitutes to Big Pharma and corportate bankers

OPINION: Finally, some Independent News outlets are discovering that Trump and the Republican party are traitors right next to the democrats! This should have been figured out by the independents/alt-right outlets over a year ago.

‘Accident’ involving US military convoy in Bavaria kills 8

Another ‘accident’…? Russia stealth warship meant to carry hypersonic missiles goes up in flames

OPINION: The war has already begun and we are seeing it play out, and subsequently be covered up by mainstream news, in front of our eyes.

OXFORD STUDY: 1 in 100 (i.e. 1%) of covid vaccinated individuals ended up in the hospital or DIED due to heart arrhythmia problems.

Trump doubles down on death

Trump booed for saying he wouldn’t investigate Hunter Biden

OPINION: Same thing he did with Hillary Clinton after winning the 2016 election. He said, “The people of the USA owe a debt of gratitude to the Clinton family” during his victory speech.

Several people ARRESTED at a NYC Cheesecake Factory for REFUSING TO SHOW COPS VACCINE STATUS

OPINION: The cops will follow orders. Count on it. If it can happen in NYC or California then it will happen in your community too.

One day later a man gets arrested at Applebees in NYC for refusing to show covid papers!

Anti-vaxx leader Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hosts a holiday party at California home and orders guests to either be vaccinated or tested prior to entry… then blames his wife.

OPINION: This is strike #1 against RFK Jr. I always wait for “2-3 witnesses” before I determine that someone is untrustworthy. That said, we all need to wake up to the fact that we are surrounded by traitors everywhere. Almost all of the big name celebrities, activists, and politicians are sold out, so this story doesn’t surprise me.

Mike Lindell vows to spend ‘whatever it takes’ to prove Trump won in 2020

OPINION: Mike Lindell has been making lots of promises and totally failing to deliver. His Cyber Symposium of 2021 turned out to be a nothing event, where he continually stated that he would reveal ’37 Terabytes’ worth of data proving Trump won in 2020 but then never had any hard evidence to deliver on his promise. It was later revealed that the data he did manage to collect was all corrupted – meaning it was useless. He also had Alan Dershowitz on his legal team and on the panel at the Cyber Symposium, and Dershowitz is a questionable character to say the least. For example, Dershowitz has represented people such as Jeffrey Epstein and O.J. Simpson in court and was reportedly a good friend of Jeff Epstein. In summary – be careful trusting Mike Lindell. Personally, I wouldn’t trust Mike Lindell as far as I could throw him.

US pushes EU to ready Russia sanctions on energy and banks

Belarus banks are ready for a SWIFT banking system shutdown

OPINION: This has to do with the growing confrontation with Russia. Economic ties are being severed.

Thousands of CHILDREN in Australia hit with $1000-$5000 covid-19 fines for breaching ‘covid regulations’

OPINION: The CHILDREN were participating in activities such as unlawful gatherings outdoors, not wearing masks, and not being vaccinated.

Columbia study: True USA covid vaccine death count is nearly 400,000 and millions of other adverse events

Young, professional athletes have suffered 318 cardiac arrests and serious issues after covid shots. 178 are now dead.

OPINION: This is the most publicly obvious effect of the covid vaccine that the world can witness. The rise in young athletes suffering cardiac arrest skyrocketed compared to previous years where studies were conducted.

Creditors sue Evergrande for $13 Billion for defaulting on payments

Salvation Army faces massive holiday shortages after telling white donors to ‘face their racism’

OPINION: Do not support or donate to the Salvation Army for any reason. This corrupt, turncoat organization showed its true colors and does not deserve support ever again. It is time for the Salvation Army to go away permanently, or perhaps they can beg George Soros to keep them afloat.

JFK Assassination files are RELEASED. Russia getting the blame!

OPINION: Public opinion is being massively manipulated against Russia right now. Prepare for WWIII. All the signs are there that war with Russia is being setup.

Numerous infant and child deaths after covid shot are being reported

OPINION: The slaughter of the innocents has moved beyond abortion and into young children. The genocide is happening right now but most of us don’t know it because it is being censored by mainstream news.

Federal judge rejects DOD claim that Pfizer and Comirnaty vaccines are interchangeable

OPINION: This is another major victory for servicemen & women who are opting out of the shot. By law, no one can be forced to take an experimental treatment, even people in the military. The Pfizer vaccine was NEVER FDA-approved. This was a lie told to the public in order to deceive more people into getting the shot. The FDA actually approved a vaccine called ‘Comirnaty’ which is unavailable to the public.

30 million people right now are ready to take up arms for Trump

OPINION: Do not be one of these people. Our Savior is Jesus Christ, not a political figurehead such as Donald Trump. It is my opinion that Trump is just as much a part of the deep state as the democrats and all congressional politicians are. The men and women holding congressional office cannot rise to that position without selling their soul to the devil. This certainly includes Trump, who has undeniably been highly affiliated with the deep state his entire life.

Insane US leaders are trying to instigate NUCLEAR WAR with Russia

OPINION: Three mighty men of God had visions of terrifying nuclear war occurring in the USA from Russia. All three of these godly men are now deceased. A.A. Allen, Dumitru Duduman, and Henry Gruver.

Signs of the times: Kids now have strokes too.

NYC Council gives voting rights to 800K non-citizens.

80 House Republicans help pass bill to fund federal vaccine database to be used for vaccine enforcement

OPINION: 100% of congressional officials are corrupt: this includes both republicans and democrats. What we witness in politics today is nothing but political theater intended to lead the masses into believing that something is being done behind the scenes to fight for our rights when the exact opposite is true. The democrats push immense change while the republicans pretend to fight back while actually doing nothing.

Fox News requires vaccines to work there now

OANN and Newsmax back far-left pick for FCC commissioner who wants more censorship

OPINION: OANN and Newsmax are tools of the deep state, just like other mainstream media news sources such as CNN, BBC, CBS, Fox News, etc, etc. They are all controlled by the same leadership.

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