Are Christians Sinners: Copyright, Endorsements, Table of Contents

ISBN 978-1-64191-208-2 (paperback)
ISBN 978-1-64191-209-9 (digital)

Copyright © 2018 by Anthony Guida
All rights reserved. Permission is granted to copy or quote from the contents of this book at no charge for non-commercial purposes only.

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Anthony Guida


Anthony Guida is a man who practices what he writes (and says). Anthony is a faithful hus-band, devoted dad, and radical follower of Jesus. Anthony is a man full of joy, full of faith, and full of love. He is eager to bring a word of knowledge to a stranger on the street, heal cancer, or command the dead to come back to life. His face beams with joy and his eyes and words and deeds offer love. He believes scripture means what it says: That it is alive, pow-erful, true. Anthony’s valiant approach to the subject of sin in a follower of Jesus may raise considerable debate among reputable, mature, and Godly people. His book affirms that we sometimes act or speak in ways that appear to contradict scripture—but that doesn’t change the fact that what God says is true. It is a matter of faith—do I believe scripture or not? As I believe, I become who and what God says I am! Anthony’s life and book move me to believe who God says I am—rather than my own opinion of my identity. Thank you, God, for Anthony. And for Your Word. I love being who You say I am.

–Robert Adrian (Believer!)

Anthony Guida’s book is amazing. In the last six years of my walk with Christ the Lord has revealed to me the importance of our identity in Christ and what He ask us to not only do but believe. Identity as a sinner is one of those beliefs in the Church that I believe has crippled the Church and made it ineffective. Few have approached this subject as well as Anthony has. His revelation of scriptures and the ability to bring a complete understanding of what God is really saying to us is refreshing, and life changing. It is an easy and short read with lots of scriptures to affirm his point. In fact, many are scriptures we have trained ourselves to ignore and simply could not reconcile with our false beliefs. Renew your mind and be ready to be transformed.

–Todd Scholl (Head Pastor – The Rhema Group)

With enthusiasm and gratitude, I give a thumbs up to Anthony Guida’s book “Are Christians Sinners?”. It challenged my excuses to live with mediocrity and refreshed my expectation that God has given me everything I need to live a godly life. This is a must read for anyone hungry for all that has been promised them in Christ.

–Allan Reed (Head Pastor – Making Men Better Foundation)

A must read for those saints who desire a mindset of an overcomer!

–Bob Sandberg (The Rhema Group)

Table of Contents

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